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AOUSTIN® table filter
Phosphoric Acid Slurry

AOUSTIN Table filter : the Slurry filter

Possessing a slurry filter on your production facilities is the most effective way to deal with phosphoric acid. It provides a very large filtration area with very low power consumption. The longevity of these table filters is very extended, which means that there is only one initial investment that is quickly depreciated.

The work our engineers put in the slurry filters ensures the best acid proof quality results in the separation of phosphoric acid and gypsum.

The AOUSTIN® table filter – More than a name : a solution

The AOUSTIN®table filter (ATF), slurry filter, is available with up to 319 m² active filtration area and is especially designed for the phosphoric acid market. Over the years, the design of the filter has been updated and optimized thanks to our team of experts.

The sturdy mechanical design allows it to run for 25 – 30 years with very low consumption of spare parts and minimal maintenance requirements for at least the first 15 years. The ATF has a 98% operating factor, higher than any other equipment used for similar applications.

The slurry filter is designed with many customizable features allowing it to adapt to changes in reaction crystal and slurry quality, filtration and vacuum rate and other production requirements.

The cell and cell pipes are specially engineered to minimize dilution and product loss. Available for both wet and dry cake discharge, dry discharge provides the highest recovery of P205 because of cloth wash water recycling as compared to any other filter on the market.

With over 125 years of experience designing, manufacturing and supplying vacuum belts and filters, RPA Process recommends the Aoustin Table Filter as the most suitable and economic choice for phosphoric acid and gypsum separation.

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