Adhesives, agro-chemicals, ceramics, chemicals, colours, pigments, inks, lubricants, paint, propellants and explosives, resins and rubber

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter : Filtre PHILIPPE®

Filtre PHILIPPE® introduced one of the earliest horizontal vacuum belt filters to the market in 1947. Since then, we continue to keep our clients’ needs a priority, with cost-effective systems designed for longevity and reliability. With over 500 systems installed worldwide, we have supplied solutions for a wide range of applications. Careful attention is paid to every detail from factory production to final assembly in your facility. As with all of our products, we aim to respect the environment in every way possible.

Mixers MX Series : Malaxeurs GUITTARD®

Double sigma blade Malaxeurs GUITTARD® systems have a durable and rugged design, ideal to meet the challenges of mixing, blending and kneading high-viscosity materials. Whether mixing adhesives, ceramics, colors/pigments, lubricants, metal pastes, food products, molding compounds, rubber, explosives, pharmaceuticals amongst many others, we have a mixing system suited to your application.

Rotary Vacuum Drum : Filtre VERNAY®

Rugged, Reliable, Proven. Ideal if your application requires minimal floor space, a low capital investment or hooded installation, Filtres VERNAY® rotary vacuum drum filter systems have a simple design with few moving parts, ensuring a long operating life and maximum operating time. Flexibility is the key to Filtre VERNAY® with a choice of discharge styles, drum cells, construction materials, and design; No one offers more choices to meet your processing demands.

Ultimate Continuous Processor : UCP™

UCP™ Series systems are engineered for mixing, kneading and extruding a homogenous mix of the most challenging high-viscosity materials.
They’re also ideal for chemical reactions, polymerization, crystallization and other demanding mixing tasks where materials can reach hot and cold extremes or several million centipoises in viscosity. The UCP™ Series continuous mixing system is ideal for high-volume applications which previously would have required multiple processes in batch mixing systems.

Laboratory Double Sigma Blade

Malaxeurs GUITTARD® has a comprehensive line of solutions to meet the challenges of mixing, blending and kneading high-viscosity materials in lab quantities. The Lab MX double sigma blade batch systems provide complete, homogenous mixing for any quantity, large or small. The MXE model has an extrusion screw that not only enhances the mixing process but also transfers and forms the final product.

Rotary Disk Vacuum Filters

The main advantage of the rotary disk vacuum filter is its floor space to filtration area ratio. With units available up to 480 m², the filtre VERNAY® disk is the best solution for continuous production of high solids with large filtration areas. Working and maintenance costs remain low with such durable equipment.

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