Filtration system for mining

RPA Process offers equipment and services to help mining companies with the challenges they face today to help them prepare for those in the future.

Prices continue to rise as global demands for mining commodities increase. Despite this, mining companies still face other challenges for sustainable growth. In the developing world, cost, performance and finding skilled workers are key challenges within the industry. Environmental impact, safety and carbon emissions are just a few factors that will become increasingly important in years to come.

With these difficulties aside, the foreseeable future still looks positive as new projects are developed, creating access to new reserves and expanding into new territories.

With a global presence, RPA has the capacity to closely follow the mining development of our clients.
As more money becomes available for research and development, we are able to use the newest technologies with the goal of lowering capital and operating costs, while focusing on lowering the environmental impact of our equipment.
Our senior process specialists are available to provide our clients with process and equipment training.
HASLER International our sister company also provide equipments to operate accurate and reliable under these, occasionally, very severe environmental conditions :

  • Weigh Belt Feeders for granular and powdery materials
  • Belt scales
  • Loss-in-Weight Feeders

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