Ultimate continuous processor (UCP™)

Ultimate-Continuous-ProcessorUltimate Continuous Processor

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Continuous extrusion machine

A continuous extrusion machine is a piece of equipment that serves chemical, polymerization or crystallization processes that are very demanding. Our engineers designed the UCP with innovative technologies that will consistently help your production process develop and excell. The twin screw system in the continuous extrusion machine insures that you end up with a homogenous mix that meets the quality standards you have set yourself to achieve.

For a complete smooth extrusion of products with very high rheologies (such as millions of centipoises), one should choose a company which has solid references. RPA engineers will help you chose the right continuous extrusion machine

RPA Process designs, develops and engineers systems for the challenges involved in mixing, blending and kneading high-viscosity materials.

Twin screw Continuous Mixing/Extruding Systems

UCP™ Series are engineered for mixing, kneading and extruding a homogenous mix of the most challenging high-viscosity materials. They are also ideal for other demanding mixing tasks, such as chemical reactions, polymerization or crystallization where materials can reach hot and cold extremes or several million centipoises in viscosity.

Twin screws and paddles provide full coverage for thorough, complete mixing. Thanks to the co-rotating shafts and close clearances between the paddles as well as between the paddles and the barrel walls, uniform mixing is performed in less time than with conventional mixers. These same tight tolerances also provide self-cleaning action.

Key features include:

  • Models available with throughput capacity ranging from 1 kg to 10 tons per hour
  • Rugged design for consistent processing of high-viscosity materials
  • Extrusion available via continuous mono-screw, twin-screw or gear pump
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Venting port for degassing during mixing cycle
  • Wide range of paddle arrangements available to meet specific application needs
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant construction materials available
  • Variable mechanical or hydraulic speed drives
  • Modular design enables easy customisation
  • Designed for easy maintenance and repair

What are the advantages of the UCP™ series?

The UCP™ Series continuous extrusion machine is ideal for high-volume applications that previously would have required multiple processes in batch mixing systems.

The co-rotating screw and paddle arrangement ensures a consistent, homogenous mix, while generating the shear forces necessary for high-viscosity materials. The rotation of the two paddles provides a continuous variation in volume between the mixing elements and the barrels throughout the unit. The action of the paddles creates alternate compression and suction of the product, also ensuring continuous mixing.

The result :

Unsurpassed mixing quality

UCP™ applications include:

  • Absorbent or dehydrating agent
  • Cadmium battery paste
  • Chewing gum base
  • Rubber dissolvent
  • Wire lubricant
  • Catalyst support
  • Flushing, powder injection molding
  • Salt grinding
  • Adhesives
  • Ceramics
  • Colors and pigments
  • Metal pastes
  • Food products
  • Molding compounds

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