MX GUITTARD® : Double Sigma Blade Production Batch Mixing/Extruding Systems




Z-blade Mixer


Malaxeur GUITTARD® 2008.


Malaxeur GUITTARD® 2005.

Sigma blade for batch production

Double sigma blade batch production systems allow you to create mixtures of a wide variety of materials such as pharmaceuticals, food products or others. These machines have a great amount of work capacity and can also be custom-made depending on your needs or the size of your production site.

MX Guittard can be equipped with double sigma blades and mono screws. In any case, we can assure you that our experience working with manufacturers makes us perfectly capable of assisting you in your decision making process and in choosing the choice of the model that will be installed on your production site.

Malaxeurs Guittard® double sigma blade systems have a durable and rugged design, ideal for meeting the challenges of mixing, blending and kneading high-viscosity materials.

Whether mixing adhesives, ceramics, colours/pigments, lubricants, metal pastes, food products, molding compounds, rubber, explosives or pharmaceuticals materials, we have a sigma blade mixing system suited to your specific application.

The MXE model has an extrusion screw that not only enhances the mixing process but also transfers and forms the final product, enabling the mixer to be easily integrated into a continuous production system for batch productions.

Key features include:

  • Working capacity of up to 5,000 liters (1,321 gallons) and custom models available up to 10,000 liters (2,642 gallons)
  • Choice of stationary or tilting units for loading and unloading to suit your production needs; bottom valve discharge units also available
  • Mono-screw extruder models available
  • Built to international code standards – CODAP, ASME, TUV and others
  • Modular design enables easy customisation to suit your application
  • Jacketed trough design for heating or cooling
  • Independent blade arm drive with differential rotating speeds and adjustable ratio.
  • Smooth trough interior

Advantages of the MX Series

Malaxeurs Guittard® mixing systems feature a rugged drive mechanism designed for high-viscosity mixing applications. Each double sigma blade is powered by an independent drive system driven through a standard central gearbox.

The result :

Very efficient torque transfer, reliable operation and a long operating life even for the most challenging applications. Maintenance and repair are quick and easy due to the systems simple design.

MX Series applications include:

  • Absorbent or dehydrating agent
  • Cadmium battery paste
  • Chewing gum base
  • Rubber dissolvent
  • Wire lubricant
  • Catalyst support
  • Flushing, powder injection molding
  • Salt grinding
  • Adhesives
  • Ceramics
  • Colors and pigments
  • Metal pastes
  • Food products
  • Molding compounds

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