80 sqm Scrapper Discharge Filter
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80 sqm Scrapper Discharge Filter

Drum filter

For all types of solid liquid separation, our drum filter provides a reliable and efficient service. Our long-lasting experience on engineering this machinery pushes us to always think forward, imagine and build appliances that best fit the demands of our clients, but also the demands of the market you work for. The rotary drum vacuum filter comes in various choices depending on your needs.

If you need to control your budget, considering our drum filter will do you well. Our machines are thought for dependability and security. The range of sizes you can choose from is very adaptable so that your rotary drum vacuum filter does not use unnecessary space or ressources.

Ideal if your application demands minimal floorspace, a low capital investment, or hooded installation. A simple design, with few moving parts, ensures long operating life and maximum operating time.

Filtres Vernay® offers choice and flexibility to meet your specific processing demands. Choose discharge styles, drum cells, construction materials and the design of your system.
Since the vacuum drum filter was introduced by Filtres Vernay in the 1930’s, we are continuously adding new features to make our products more and more reliable and efficient.

How it works ?

Drum filters are designed for all types of liquid/solid separation including medium concentrate sludge and low-density solids which don’t require efficient washing.
The rotary drum vacuum filter, supported by two bearing blocks, is composed of successive cells, which form a horizontal cylinder. The cylinder, in turn, supports the filter cloth which is partially immersed in the tank. The cells are sealed and interconnected by pipes leading to the distributor, which is divided into several zones, each gathering the various filtrates (mother liquor, washing and drying waters) coming from the cell suction pipes as they pass during the rotation of the drum.
The slurry passes through the trough shaped tank to be filtered. The tank, which is part of the filter frame, also supports the drum, the cake discharge system and the slurry agitation device. For the cake discharge, several methods can be used such as string, belt, scrapper or roller.

Key advantages include:

  • Available in a wide range of sizes—from 0.1 m² (1.07 ft²) to 100m² (1,076 ft²)
  • Choice of integral frame tank, or tank supported by an independent carbon
    steel frame
  • Innovative agitator rake design ensures solids remain in suspension and avoids
    sediment in the system tank for better materials distribution
  • Wide range of choices for drum material to suit process demand
    – polypropylene, carbon steel (unlined or rubber-lined), stainless steel, as well
    as other materials
  • Internal suction pipes are flow-optimized to ensure efficient performance
  • Choice of four discharge styles to meet the needs of a wide range of slurrie –
    scraper, belt/strings, roll, or an automatic micrometric scraper
  • Available in standard (5% solids) and precoat styles to extend range of as low as 0.01%

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