Montage Fabrication Filtre PHILIPPE®.
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Vacuum Belt Filtre PHILIPPE®
60 m2 x 3 m (width)
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Vacuum belt filter

The vacuum belt filter will considerably increase the quality of your production for a very wide range of applications. Whether you are working with metallurgy, minerals, contaminants or other chemical processing, liquid solid separation machines that provide high quality results will benefit your production site.

We have been engineering machines for manufacturers for over 125 years. The vacuum belt filters we provide can be tailored to your production site to increase profitability and we are available to help you with your choice. It avoids field-splicing problems. We have patented some of the systems used in the machinery to make the operating life longer.

With over 500 systems installed worldwide, we have supplied solutions for a wide range of applications.

Filtres Philippe® introduced one of the earliest horizontal vacuum belt filters to the marketplace in 1947. Since then, we continue to keep our clients’ needs a priority, with cost-effective systems designed for longevity and reliability.

Filtres Philippe® belt filters are designed to provide optimum performance for liquid/solid separation in continuous operation. Careful attention is paid to every detail from factory production to final assembly of the vacuum belt filters in your facility. As with all of our products, we aim to respect the environment in every way possible.

With an operating factor of up to 99%, the filters are intended for processing high concentrations of solids, while using innovative technology to provide efficient cake washing.

Result: Increased profitability

How it works

Filter frames are bolted, allowing for quick change-out of the drainage belt with minimal disassembly required.

The main belt is machined and grooved in our factory to avoid field-splicing problems and delays in equipment start-up. Filtres Philippe® belts are grooved according to the specific air and liquid flow requirements of each individual application, providing optimal solids dewatering and liquid drainage. Operating life is extended thanks to a patented accordion-type belt curb which provides ultimate flexibility around the pulleys.

The belt support system is comprised of a set of narrow wear belts in slide rails providing a flat filtration surface for even slurry distribution, eliminating overage charges for air boxes and blowers.

Our current flat belt support system provides uniform cake thickness and improved cake washing efficiency.

Pneumatically operated vacuum box lowering system provides quick lowering of the vacuum box for visual inspection and rapid change-out of wear belts. Vacuum box mobile partitions are also easy to adjust.

Pneumatically operated cloth tracking and tension systems operate automatically to maintain accurate alignment and cloth tension.


    • Hydrometallurgy
    • Purification of minerals and base metals
    • Beneficiation of minerals
    • Removal of chloride and other contaminants
    • Pump filtration from thickener underflows
    • Flotation pump filtration to recover concentrates
    • Tailings reprocessing
    • Effluent and by-product stream washing and dewatering
    • Flue gas desulphurization
    • Gypsum filtration for scrubber water circuits in LSFO, WET and FGD
    • General chemical processing
    • Organic and inorganic high-value product filtration and washing – lactic acid, methionine, potash, soda ash, etc.
    • Phosphoric acid production
    • Phosphate rock filtration and washing
    • Gypsum filtration from phosphoric acid


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